Walking by the Spirit
Online version
Walking by the Spirit is presented as a class, with each session building on the truths of previous sessions. The first time through it is best studied systematically, in order, to get the most from it. Keeping to the schedule is like walking a safe path through a dark forest. Deviating from the schedule would be like leaving the path and running off into the trees. You can get lost in there, so work the class systematically.
1.    Why Read the Bible? 40. Filled to Overflowing
2.   The Way of Life 41. The Ages of Spirit
3.   Spiritual Integrity 42. The Mystery
4.   The Law of Believing 43. In Spirit and in Truth
5.   Spiritual Integrity part 2 44. God Dwelleth Not in Temples made with Hands
6.   Dealing with Fear 45. The Church in the Home
7.   Agapē: The Love of God 46. Self Governing
8.   The Parting of the Red Sea 47. Self Propagating
9.   God is Faithful 48. Self Supporting
10. God is our Protection 49. The More Abundant Life
11. Angels 50. Demonstrating God's Power
12. Smashed and Trashed 51. God's Delivering Nature
13. The Fall of Man 52. Living Victoriously
14. The god of this World 53. Jonah
15. How we got the Bible 54. At thy Word
16. The Renewed Mind 55. God is not Jesus Christ
17. Homosexuality - the Way of Life 56. Five Crucified
18. Homosexuality - the Way of Death 57. The Hope
19. Climate Change 58. The Revelation Administration
20. Health and Nutrition 59. Money
21. What Cost Priceless? 60. Walking Tongues
22. The Family 61. A Titanic Crime
23. Military Intelligence 62. Symptoms of Religion
24. Weishaupt and the Illuminati 63. 1 Corinthians 12
25. The Jesuits 64. The Council of Acts 15
26. Jesus Christ is not God 65. The Higher Powers
27. Where are the Dead? 66. How to do Biblical Research
28. Predestination 67. Peter, a very Human Man
29. The Course of this World 68. The British Olympic Opening Ceremony
30. Christ and Christmas 69. The Making of a Patriarch
31. The Wise men and the Star 70. Christ in You, the Hope of Glory
32. The Birth of Jesus Christ 71. Distinctions
33. Christmas and the way of Life 72. The Manifestation of Believing
34. God's Masterpiece 73. 1 Corinthians 14
35. A Free Gift 74. The Revelation Manifestations
36. God-Given Rights 75. Miracles
37. Get Over It! 76. Healing
38. The Voice of God 77. The Way of Life Today
39. Manifesting the Power of God Appendix Usages of pneuma